We are 12heads…….. Fitz is on lead vocals; Chris, guitar and vocals; Aidan, bass, synths and vocals and Jay on drums and electronic pads.

We’re based in Bolton, near Manchester, and have been together for over a decade (Fitz joined in 2011). Our intense psychedelic punk sound (occasionally softened with layers of dub) is a powerhouse of driving, catchy guitar, manic and edgy vocal delivery, dynamic, sonic bass and drums.  

Our gig jaunt has spanned the UK, including live performances alongside Kasabian in 2006 and Sham 69 in 2012. The political track ‘Robots’, with its anti-capitalist message, was selected as a future classic and played on Manchester 106.1 XS.

The band  released their new album 'Sip This' on 4th January 2019 which is  now  available for streaming or dowload on all major music sharing sites.

The album’s ten tracks will take the listener on a journey through personal dilemmas and political unrest.  Enjoy!